What are you looking for in an ECG with Spirometer?

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Bionet Cardio7-S

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What are you looking or in an ECG with Sprirometer?

Reliability…..the Cardio7-S comes with an exception 4 Year Warranty!

Easy to Use….Menu-guided touch screen technology  USB barcode reader and keyboard can be attached through USB ports.

Built-In Memory…Store up to 200 ECGs in internal flash memo

12 Lead Aquisition…10 leads to produce an accurate 12 channel printout with analysis.

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Pulmonary Function Test… FVC (Forced Vital Capacity), SVC (Slow Vital Capacity), and MVV (Maximum Voluntary Maximum).Disposable mouthpiece, no cleaning and sterilization are needed.

Full Disclosure Function…Cardio7-S stores and shows the recent 5-minute full channel ECG in order to print out the missed abnormal ECG waveforms.

Enhanced Interpretation…he ECG printout offers detailed interpretation information in text/guide/vector report format to aid in diagnosis.  Provides 12 channel, 6 channel + 1 rhythm, 3 channel + 1 rhythm, and 3 channel + 3 rhythm report. Supports pediatric interpretation.

Long-term Recording & Automatic Arrhythmia Detection…Cardio7 provides one channel long-term recording like 1, 3, 5, 10 minutes with arrhythmia detection and HRV (Heart Rate Variability) analysis.


spm300 spirometer

SPM-300 Spirometer

A4 Full Size Paper…Cardio7-S produces full size A4 printouts in 1, 3, 6 and 12 channel formats and FVC/SVC/MVV test formats. Full size print-outs improve readability and make it easier for filing in the patient chart.

ECG Filing System BMS-Plus

BMS-Plus is a software program that enables you to interface Cardio7-S to Windows based computers through LAN or WiFi. The ECG and PFT data from Cardio7-S is saved in either Bionet’s proprietary file format or JPEG or PDF. The JPEG file format ensures compatibility with most EMR packages.  BMS-Plus displays real-time ECG data on-screen, instantly performs a full set of measurements and offers diagnostic aid. In addition, BMS-Plus can eliminate the need for costly thermal paper by printing a variety of comprehensive reports on standard printer/copier paper.