Getting the Most out of your Autoclave

Refer to the manufacture of your autoclave for proper operation and maintenance

Use only distilled water!

Autoclave manufacturers recommend the use of distilled water in their autoclave.  distilled water only


Distilled water is free of minerals that would otherwise clog the sterilizer and create the need for more than the normal amount of cleaning. water distiller For added convenience consider the water distiller by Tuttnauer.  Available in 1 Gallon, 3.5 Gallon, 8 Gallon and 12 Gallon sizes.


Follow regular cleaning schedules as directed by manufacturer.


speedclean autoclave cleaner


SPEED-CLEAN  is a slightly alkaline, multi-purpose solution used to remove grease and grime from sterilizers.

SPEED-CLEAN will also retard scale deposits  when used as directed.

Contains no mercury

autoclave cleaners


Chamber Brite powder is simply the easiest way to keep autoclaves clean and free of water deposit build-up. Designed specifically for steam sterilizers, Chamber Brite effectively cleans and descales the reservoir, chamber and tubing in minutes.


Replacing Gaskets

Make sure to inspect gaskets for damage, shrinking, or swelling and replace if necessary as directed by manufacturer.  Some manufacturers recommend replacement of gaskets as certain regular intervals

midmark m9 gasket