ART-MB3-Magnet Ultrasonic Scaler 30 kHz

bonart magnetostrictive scaler

Product Description

CE and ISO certified
510K registered

Part number:

  • 30kHz Model::  MB3-0-ART3-00-20-D

ART-MB3 Warranty:

  • P.C. Board: 5-year limited warranty
  • LCD screen: 1-year limited warranty
  • Hand Piece: 1-year limited warranty

Included Parts and Accessories:

  • PC Board
  • 2”x3” LCD
  • VR Switch set
  • Terminal Block
  • Magnet hand piece with attached cable
  • Universal internal water flow insert in 25KHz or 30KHz
  • Universal external water flow insert in 25KHz or 30KH
Product Price: $438.00
Ship One Unit in Continental US *
  • Shipping: $10.00
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