Bionet BM5Vet

bm5 veterinary monitor



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(2) IBP Modules, (2)Temperature Modules, ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Respiration, 10.4″ color TFT screen
4 Year warranty

The BM5Vet boasts 2 IBP modules, 2 temperature modules and optional EtCO2 (mainstream or sidestream) ECG, respiration, NIBP and SpO2. Screen displays all the vital signs in different colors for easy recognition.

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BM5Vet Main Unit, Temperature Probe (Esophageal/Rectal), SpO2 Sensor (Transflectance), Esophageal Probe with 3-lead ECG and Temperature – Medium Size (requires B-CBL-EP on BM5Vet), 3 Lead All In One ECG Cable (Alligator Type), SpO2 Sensor (Y-Clip) and Extension Cable, NIBP Infant Cuff, NIBP Neonate Cuffs (X5), NIBP Extension Tube, Chart Paper (X2), Power Adaptor & Power Cord, Operation Manual, B-Link (Automated Record Keeping Software).
CAPNOSTAT® 5 Mainstream CO2 Sensor by Respironics & Airway Adapters, LoFlo™ Sidestream CO2 Sensor by Respironics & Airway Adapters, 5 Lead All in One ECG Cable, Temperature Probe (Skin) and IBP Accessories.

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Product Price: $3,657.00
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