Bionet FC1400 Twin Fetal Monitor



Product Description

  •  7” color touch screen LCD monitor
  • Touch interface along with 10 smart keys for 16 functions make the operation easier and faster.
  • Built-in printer provides easy-to-read B4 size printout for charting.
  • Onboard memory allows you to review and print up to 72 hours of internally stored data.
  • USB flash drive interface provides a simple way to move the test result to PC for EMR attachment.
  • LAN and WiFi interface make it easy to adapt to wired and wireless networking environments.
  • Automatic fetal movement detection and TOCO zeroing reduce the intervention of the users.
  • CTG (Cardiotocography) interpretation provides the silent recommendation for NST (Non-Stress Test).
  • 3-year warranty.

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