Digital Micro Centrifuge DM-120

 – Auto-balancing system to extend centrifuge life as well as to reduce noise and vibration

– Short run option with the press of a button

– precise digital timer with 30 sec increments

– safety interlock to prevent lid from being opened during operation

– standard rotor for micro centrifuge tubes, optional hematocrit rotor available

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Product Description

 Item  Specification
 Speed  500 – 12,000 rpm
 Timer  0-15 min digital timer w/ 30 sec increments
 Display  LED digital displays rpm and remaining time

 110V 60Hz or

220V 50Hz

 Weight  32 lb
 Size (L x W x H)  290 x 400 x 260mm
 Construct  Metal Housing

 Micro centrifuge tube rotor


 45 degree angled rotor

24 x (1.5~2.0)ml

500- 12,000 rpm (max Rcf 16,096 xg)

 Hematocrit Rotor


 Disc Rotor

24 x Capillary tubes (Diam 1.5mm x 7.5mm)

500-12,000 rpm (max Rcf 14,648 xg)

Standard aluminum percentage reader with purchase of hematocrit rotor


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