EZ10 P The Fully Automatic Tuttnauer Autoclave

Product Description

EZ10P Autoclave with Printer

With the simplicity of one touch design all your sterilization and drying needs are fulfilled. The Tuttnauer EZ10P fully automatic autoclave will fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry at the touch of a button.

Time-saving, easy operation

The EZ10’s brighter and easier to read panel delivers full penetration of steam and post-vacuum drying. The chamber door remains closed during the entire cycle, while replaceable 0.2μm Hepa air filters circulates in the chamber. All program parameters can be customized and stored.

Closed Door Drying

Maintains sterility and ensures efficient drying of packs and pouches

High Efficiency Air Pump

High efficiency air pump circulates air in chamber during drying cycle

Internal Printing

Documents date, time, temperature and pressure


Easy to read Control Panel

With program selection, detailed digital display, programmable keys and system indicators


Program parameters can be customized and stored


Pre-loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs, glassware and additional drying cycle.


Chamber Size  10″ x 19″
Voltage 110 volts
2 Year Warranty

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