M3-NST Oral Temp EDAN Vital Signs Monitor

edan m3 vital signs monitor m3-ns

Product Description

EDAN M3 Vital Signs Monitor M3-NST with Covidien Oral Temp

EDAN M3 Vital Signs Monitor M3-NST with NIBP,  SPO2 and Covidien oral temperature. The Edan M3-NST Vital Signs Monitor has made its mark in out-patient department and doctor’s office for its accuracy, durability and cost-effectiveness.Its affordable price and multi-parameter functionality address vital signs monitoring needs.

EDAN M3-NST Vital Signs Monitor Features:

5.7 inch high resolution display for easy reading
Lightweight, portable design and user-friendly interface for easy operation
SpO2, Pulse Rate, NIBP and Covidien Oral TEMP measurement
Nellcor OxiMax SpO2
Covidien Oral Temp
Display numeric and waveform information simultaneously
Nurse call
Powerful storage capacity
Built-in Lithium-ion Battery for 8 hours working
Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
PR measurement (form SPO2 NIBP/Temp)
Trend table review and record
Trend graph review and record
USB data storage and review
Wired and wireless network capability


M3 (SpO2 + NIBP+ Covidien Oral Temp)

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