PC Stress System EDAN SE-1010

pc based stress system edan se-1010

PC Stress System Model SE-1010 by EDAN

This PC stress system comes complete with new SE-1010 aquisition module by EDAN. This module is paired with a refurbished Welch Allyn TRX 425 treadmill.  This PC Stress System maximizes available space with the Flo Workstations.

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Product Description

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PC Stress

PC Based stress system

Standard Configuration and function including:
Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and recording
Integrated data sampling module and software, compact solution.
Auto/manual measurement and interpretation
Convenient database based on unlimited storage
WORD and PDF format report could be transferred via E-mail
30s-900s HRV (heart rate variability) sample and analyze
Advance analysis function: VCG,TVCG,VLP,HRT,QT dispersion, HFECG, Frequency spectrum ECG

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medical grade treadmill

WelchAllyn TMX 425 Treadmill



Refurbished Medical Grade Treadmill: 220 Volt Treadmill with Fixed Emergency Stop Button, Standard MPH, and Crating. • Specifically for Medical Stress Test Systems . One year warranty










With its small footprint, the Flo 1750 is designed for mobility, allowing easy access even in cramped quarters.







System comes complete with computer, mouse keyboard and flat panel monitor.


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Product Features

Conditon New SE-1010
Suggested Retail $3999.00