Q-Stress System with TM55 Treadmill

quniton stress computer

Product Description

Quinton Q-Stress System

  • Ease of Use:  The system’s left to right flow and intuitive controls guide users through the procedure
  • Connectivity:  Q-Stress supports HL7, XML and PDF protocols and communicates with your PACS/EHR system
  • Customizable:  Create custom reports based on physician’s preference
  • Accuracy:  Tracings are accurate and clear with clean wave forms even at high speeds and steep grades
  • Instant replay:  The Freeze Frame option allows you to rewind and view any section of the lead during test.

TM-55 Treadmill


  • Ease of use. The treadmill is easy to use, and the whisper-quiet Ultradrive ensures a slow, safe start.
  • Integration. The treadmills offer full integration with our Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system so you can start and stop the treadmill and adjust speed and grade.
  • Power. The Ultradrive system provides exceptionally smooth power and accuracy even at slow speeds and with patients up to 500 lb (227 kg).
  • Safety. The TM55 and TM65 medical treadmills meet all major safety and regulatory requirements worldwide.TM-55 Treadmill


Suntech Tango+ Blood Pressure Monitor

The SunTech Tango+ is a stress/exercise blood pressure monitor, intended for use with treadmills, bicycles (ergometers), and pharmacological stress testing.
One year warranty.
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