Pulse Oximeter Supplies & Accessories

Bionet Oxy9Wave oxy9wave pulse oxPulse Oximeter

Supplies and Accessories

OXY9WAVE VET Oxt9Wave Pulse Oximeter
OXW-BAT Oxy9Wave Vet Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion, 3.6V, 4400 mAh) $89.00
OXW-MOUNT Oxy9Wave Vet Pole Clamp and Knob $44.00
OXY-SPO2-R Oxy9Wave SpO2 Sensor Veterinary (Rectal Type 10 ft) $169.00

Bionetox9Vet Plus portable pulse oximeterOxy9Vet Plus Pulse Oximeter

Supplies and Accessories

OXP-SPO2-V Oxy9Vet Plus SpO2 Sensor $166.00
OXP-TRANS Oxy9 Vet Plus Pwer Transformer $32.00
OXP-COVER OxyVet Plus Cover with Stand $20.00
OXY-SPO2-R SpO2 Sensor For Veterinay (Rectal Type / 10 ft) $176.00

Bionet Oxy9Vet Pulse Oximeter

Supplies and Accessories

OX-SPCBL Oxy9Vet SpO2 Extension Cable $55.00
OX-BAT Oxy9Vet Rechargeable Battery $120.00
B-SPO2-V SpO2  Sensor for Veterinary (Black) $166.00
PC-A-OX Power Cable $20.00